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We Recycle

We accept the following for drop-off recycling:​

Yard waste- Yard waste includes grass clippings, garden plants, hay, leaves, and mulch.

Natural wood waste- Wood waste includes branches, brush, and limbs not exceeding 8 inches in diameter. Call for size limitations and conditions.


Natural Christmas Trees- Natural wreaths and garland can be recycled if you can remove all metal and plastic parts. NO FLOCKED TREES.


Clean wood chips, shavings, and sawdust- Clean wood scraps are unpainted, unstained, untreated, and free of glue, fasteners, and cement.


Landscape rock and stone


Clean soil or sand- Clean soil and sand contains no chemical contaminates or garbage

We DO NOT accept the following:

Any and all plastics (including biodegradable and compostable)


Hazardous waste

Treated wood


Tree Stumps

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