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Grapple Truck

   Do you want to place a large rock in your landscaping design, but don't have the machinery to move it? Do you want to order a 4,000 pound pallet of flagstone but know your truck can't carry that weight? We are thrilled to offer our Grapple Truck for hire. We load up your product and place it directly where you want it.

Blower Truck

If you have ever had to install bark the old fashioned way with your wheelbarrow, shovel, and rake, you are really going to want to check this out. With over 150 feet of hose, we can reach just about anywhere to blow bark into your landscaping. One of the big attractions of our service is how evenly and uniform the job looks immediately after we blow in the product.

We Recycle

At Vern's Organic Topsoil & Bark, we do all that we can to take care of the Earth. Please take a look at what items we accept for drop-off recycling.

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