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At Vern's Organic Topsoil & Bark we have a plethora of products to offer you. Most of our products are available for pick up or delivery. We have divided them into four main categories, in hopes to make it easier to find the selection that serves you best.
Dirt and Compost

   Good gardens and green lawns come from good soil. There are many types of soil for different types of planting: from your vegetable garden to your flower bed. Making informed choices will improve your success.

Rock and Sand

   We can recommend some wonderful rock and sand products to complete your landscaping materials. We have an extensive range of rock types and sizes as well as various sand choices.

Bark and Cedar Chips

   Bark is an excellent mulching product that also beautifies your yard. All of our bark is 100% natural fir and hemlock bark with no added dyes, colors or salt. They all make excellent weed barriers. The biggest difference between each type of bark is the appearance; the best choice is going to be the one that you most enjoy looking at.


Flagstone and Boulders

   We have a very large selection of flagstone and boulders to offer you. They are available for purchase in pallets and by the piece.

   Our selection of flagstone and boulders is ever-changing, come down to Vern's and see what we have today!

   Also, take a look at our Grapple Truck for hire under the Services tab!

Miscellaneous Products 

   We are always searching for new products to help you landscape your home or business, check our 'Miscellaneous Products' section to learn more about items we have to support your many projects!

Tips for Pick-Up

Pick-Up Window

#1 - Entrance

#2 - Pull up to the window to place your order

#3 - Customer Parking, feel free to come in and ask any questions!

#4 - Stop here to get loaded

#5 - Pull forward to secure your load and tarp if necessary

#6- Exit

It is recommend to bring a tarp and shovel

Come back soon!!

Some Advice

- We cannot load enclosed trailers or trucks with camper shells on them

- We limit quantity based on weight of product

- Weights are per cubic yard and vary based on moisture

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